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About SB Industries

About Us

Only 3% of the total water reserve available on Earth is drinkable. With the lack of access to pure drinking water, millions around the world suffer from water borne diseases. SB Industries was initiated to tackle the shortage of clean water. With a versatile team of adept water experts, efficient management of strict quality control provisions & regularly updated state-of-the-art infrastructure, we at SB industries aim to make purified water accessible to everyone at reasonable costs.

Why us

We cater to the shortage or unavailability of clean water by offering you products specifically engineered to deliver the maximum level of purification, that too for a long period of time without the need for any special maintenance or servicing needs.

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Our coverage

With a wide range of products to choose from, our versatile team strives hard to serve you on both commercial & industrial level. It doesn’t matter if you choose of the installation of a domestic system for household usage, or contact us for the management of industrial effluents, we serve each of you with equal dedication.

What's different

Unlike other providers, SB Industries believes in winning the trust of a customer in the long run. We are known to offer punctual servicing & assistance before, during and after the purchase of our products. With an exclusive helpline trained to attend to your verbal queries, we offer helpful answers to all of your water purification related doubts.

Our mission

In SB Industries, it's our sole mission to help you gain uninterrupted access to safe drinking water, help you in the sustenance of a clean environment & propagate the long term economic & environmental benefits of recycling waste water. And we strive to make cost effective water purification & disposal solutions accessible to you through the medium that is us.

Our vision

We run by the vision of emerging as a pioneering conglomerate in the field of water purification & recycling solutions. And we plan to do that providing the most superior of services to the crowd with the help of our advanced infrastructure & in-depth understanding of the industry. Also, by sustaining our ever-growing network of a loyal clientele base who have tried our services & have been satisfied through & through.

We are Leading Water Treatment Company

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